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Unfortunately, our focal hyaenas encounter man-made threats in and around the city, such as snares. We monitor our residents clans extensively through camera traps and therefore can respond immediately once we detect a possible snare. 

For example, in September 2022 we called in the help of the Wildlife Emergency Response Unit of the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust to tranquilize a hyaena of the urban clan that looked like it had a snare around its neck and jaw. Thanks to collaborations such as these the urban hyaena clan is protected and continues to stay healthy.

Upon closer inspection, the hyaena had recovered from an old snare wound. We were able to collect geomorphic data and samples before we reversed the tranquilisation and watched him rejoin his clan.


In the past we have successfully removed snares from a female hyaena's neck and from a young male's foot. We have also had to amputate one hyaena's hind foot due to the consequences of a snare.

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